Heavy Duty Anti-Tip Safety Legs

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Heavy Duty Anti-Tip Safety Legs

Trailer tipping is a common issue with operators who load with high denisty loads.  The problem is made worse with shorter (urban) trailers.

When the trailer is unsupported (with no tractor unit connected) at a bay or on a yard, as heavy loads are placed against the front bulkhead, this creates a high tipping "moment" and can cause the trailer to tip forward unexpectedly.

A common solution to this issue (and one that is recommended in mainland Europe) is the placement of a trestle under the bed plate.  The trestles ensure that, irrespective of weight placed on the trailer neck, the trailer cannot tip.

Don-Bur has developed a few alternatives, including these heavy duty support legs.


Other, more lightweight designs are available to fit simply on the front bulkhead.

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