Maple SafeConnect

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Maple SafeConnect

Vehicle and trailer runaway incidents, caused by the inadvertent or early release of trailer brakes still occur with all too common regularity in our industry. Tragically, such incidents often lead to serious injury or even fatalities.

There are a number of reasons why such scenarios may arise. Most notably however, is the widely held miss-conceptions that the removal of the red line when un-coupling, automatically applies the trailer brakes, consequently many drivers simply do not apply the physical trailer park-brake. This dangerous practice heightens the risk of rollaway situations occurring the next time someone couples up to the trailer in question.

SafeConnect, is an award winning safety device from Maple that protects a driver throughout the coupling process, ensuring that trailer brakes can only be released once the driver has returned to the cab and is in complete control of the vehicle.

A simple, user friendly and cost effective safety device, SafeConnect encourages drivers to adopt and follow best practice coupling procedures, yet acts as an automatic fail-safe in the event procedures are not correctly adhered to.


  • Ensures trailer brakes are permanently applied throughout the coupling process
  • Prevents trailer rollaway / runaway scenarios caused by early or inadvertent release of trailer brakes
  • Protects driver against potential crushing on the catwalk when connecting service lines
  • Blocks airflow to the emergency redline until coupling completed
  • No additional procedures for the driver to carry out or administer
  • Ensures trailer brakes can only be released once the driver is safely in the cab
  • Automatic setting safety application
  • Manual override facility
  • Can be upgraded to offer trailer immobilisation (prevent unauthorised trailer coupling)
  • 3 Year standard warranty

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