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EBS-Safe Plus


Introducing the EBS-Safe Plus system, an enhanced version of the standard EBS-Safe feature, designed by Don-Bur to improve trailer safety. This system alerts drivers when the ISO 7638 (EBS) line fails to power the trailer ECU, minimizing potential risks.

In collaboration with Maple and using their SafeConnect valve, Don-Bur has upgraded the EBS-Safe product to increase safety. The integration ensures that the trailer brakes stay engaged if the ISO line is not securely coupled, reducing the risk of accidents.

Originally designed to ensure the driver's presence in the cab during the start of the journey, the Maple SafeConnect valve interrupts the flow of red airline pressure until the driver activates the yellow air line (applying the foot brake in the cab). If the braking system doesn't detect red airline pressure, the brakes remain active.

The SafeConnect valve has an additional pneumatic input, allowing for various applications. In the Don-Bur EBS-Safe Plus system, this input is configured to anticipate both the cycling of yellow airline pressure and pressure from the trailer ECU. Pressure from the ECU is only possible when it is adequately powered.

Key Benefits:

  1. Error-Proof Coupling: Prevent drivers from unintentionally pulling away without securely coupling the ISO line, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

  2. Comprehensive Safety: Ensure the seamless operation of all safety systems on the trailer, including suspension, proportional braking, anti-lock braking, roll stability, and electronic braking response time.

  3. Automatic Audit: Conduct an automatic "audit" of ISO suzies, providing real-time feedback on their condition and functionality.

With the EBS-Safe Plus system, Don-Bur and Maple have introduced a practical solution to enhance trailer safety. Drive confidently, knowing that your trailer's safety is a top priority.

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Published: Wed 10 Jan 2024

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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