TVG SideSafe Blind Spot Sensors

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TVG SideSafe Blind Spot Sensors

Cyclist, object & pedestrian detection

SideSafe is TVG’s ultrasonic blind spot detection system. Low cost. Invaluable.

Simple, effective & easy to use


An LED traffic light display and an audio alert in the cab warns the driver


You can integrate the SideSafe® system with detection activated CCTV


Increase your driver’s awareness and increase pedestrian and cyclist safety


Made in the UK by TVG with superior sound quality, and device longevity


Choose SideSafe

Many accidents occur when a vehicle is turning left and a cyclist, pedestrian or object on the nearside cannot be seen. Incidents like these can be avoided by utilising the SideSafe® system from TVG. SideSafe® warns the driver with a red, amber green proximity alert from any area of the vehicle you choose. A simple “vehicle turning left” audio warning might not give a cyclist or pedestrian enough time to get out of the way. An audio and visual warning to the driver, who can respond accordingly, is much more effective.

The SideSafe® System has four ultrasonic sensors mounted on the nearside of the vehicle and a warning system inside the cab. When the vehicle slows to any designated speed, the system automatically activates and will safeguard that area. If a pedestrian, cyclist or object is detected, the traffic light LED display warns the driver.

SideSafe CCTV combination

With a combined CCTV solution, when SideSafe detects an object in the blind spot, the screen automatically switches on, to show the driver real-time footage.

Can integrate into TVG’s other vehicle CCTV systems, icluding CornerView powered by Oculux

Can install a 10” screen inside the cab

Can connect to the vehicles built in OEM screen




Designed for HGV and commercial vehicle use. Only made by TVG.

Make the right vehicle CCTV investment for your fleet

A vehicle CCTV camera built for automotive use

Designed and manufactured in the UK by TVG

One camera type for front, rear, side and reverse

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