Vision Techniques BanksMan – Reversing Radar Detection

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Vision Techniques BanksMan – Reversing Radar Detection

Dramatically reduce collisions with this warning only radar

Specifically designed for on-road commercial vehicles, this state of the art programmable radar system detects moving and stationary objects with 100% accuracy. The in-cab visual and audible alarms alert the driver of obstacles giving enough time to react.  Therefore, significantly reducing the risk of collision.


Latest reports state that 28% of accidents in the workplace are caused by being struck by a moving vehicle. (RIDDOR 2018) Due to the size and driver position of large vehicles, blind spots create zones where potential accidents can occur.  Vehicles are required to operate across many diverse environments – small enclosed spaces, busy urban and residential areas, worksites and depots all bring a number of challenges that require vehicles to manoeuvre in the vicinity of each other, fellow workers and members of the public, sometimes in harsh weather conditions or reduced light, all these factors increase the risk of an accident or collision.

Safety systems like cameras and monitor systems reduce the risk of an accident as they provide drivers with an invaluable visual aid, and while physical banksmen can undoubtedly be a huge asset on-site, this type of resource is not always available.  Our radars have been developed to work alongside other safety equipment fitted to the vehicle to bring their attention to the appropriate camera prompting them to take action.

VT BANKSMAN was developed to reduce collisions in the waste industry,  it is now adopted by many leading organisations across a variety of different sectors providing drivers with vital visual and audible signals warning them of potential collisions.

Read how Devon and Somerset Sweepers have improved the safety of their fleet with VT BANKSMAN – Case study


VT BANKSMAN has been developed using state of the art FMCW technology (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) for 100% accurate detection.

Whether you require reverse or forward detection we can tailor the system to suit. The radar can be programmed with customised detection patterns tailored to suit your vehicle or application and is able to detect hazards up to 25m from the position of the radar.

VT BANKSMAN recognises objects that have entered into the programmable fields which are set up into three detection zones, the driver is given three distinct warnings via in-cab visual and audible alarms that increase with intensity the closer the hazard gets to the vehicle, giving the driver ample time to react.

The implementation of speed and direction sensing makes unwanted and irritating false alarms a thing of the past and ultimately create the safest radar system on the market.

Industry proved for over 25 years this robust piece of safety equipment, complete with a heavy-duty stainless steel radar head is unaffected by moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, UV, snow, ice, high wind, water and mud.


  • FMCW Technology for accurate detection
  • Banksman can be retro-fitted to any type of vehicle
  • Industry proved for over 25 years
  • Robust heavy-duty stainless steel radar head
  • Programmable detection zones customised to vehicle or application
  • Intelligent detection of closing distances to prevent false alarms
  • Can be used for forward or reversing detection
  • Tested to IP69
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.K.
  • Up to 60-month warranty available


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