3D Player Troubleshooting

Some browsers (such as Chrome for Android and certain versions of Internet Explorer) are unable to process this content.

The following browsers are known to work consistently on desktops.

chrome | firefox

At the top right of the 3D portal is a number illustrating the refresh rate (frames per second) of the 3D content. Depending on the specification of your computer or handheld device, this may vary up to a maximum of 60 (fps). Certain processors will not be able to refresh the content quickly which may result in a 'jerky' appearance to the animation.

To improve refresh rates, click the settings button settings button on the bottom right, followed by the resolution button settings button. Try reducing the resolution to either H (high) or L (low). U stands for Ultra and should only be used for more powerful computers that are consistently showing 60 fps.

As this new and exciting technology develops, we will seek to improve accessibility to all users with limited disruption.

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