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Environmental Impacts

1. Process

Medium Engineering facility producing commercial vehicle bodies and chassis, registered with all enforcement agencies.

a) Potential noise pollution. Controlled by enclosed workshops, rotary compressors supplying air hand tools, specific restricted operations in unsocial hours.

b) Potential release of VOC to atmosphere. Controlled by being a normal prescribed process under the Environmental Protection Act and therefore subject to control under the requirements of the local authority. Fully compliant coating materials specified. High transfer paint finishing equipment used.

2. Product

All types of commercial vehicle bodies and chassis with the environmental impact associated with this form of road transport. Don-Bur develop designs to minimise such impacts.

a) Use of fossil fuel and associated pollution.
b) Noise pollution
c) Wear and tear of road systems.

Standard lightweight designs are complemented by buckle-less curtain systems and full air management systems. These significantly reduce drag and therefore fuel consumption.

Double deck vehicles often negate the need for additional trailers to be put on the road.

All running gear on trailer products aligned using laser equipment ensuring minimum roll resistance, tyre wear and road degradation.

3. Materials

Steel All new steel used contains a high proportion of recycled material. Readily disposable at recycling centres.

Aluminium A large proportion of recycled material used in all new aluminium sheet, section and componentry used by the Company, again readily disposable for recycling.

Plastics Virtually all plastics used in the product refer to side curtains. At present there is no specific facility to recycle this composite product, but Don-Bur is currently pursuing this project.

Paints Standard compliant coatings used with no lead content. Activated paints used to prevent subsequent release of free isocyanates to atmosphere.

Timbers All timbers used i.e. flooring materials are considered ultimately biodegradable.

DON-BUR do not currently use any product or material requiring specialised disposal or handling during or after manufacture and continually monitor this during the procurement of such materials.

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