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This calculator will determine the maximum payload capacity of a given uniform payload within any trailer or rigid bodywork dimensions.

It is able to work out up to 4 individual sections including the main deck, swan-neck, upper deck and upper swan-neck. You do not have to use the sections that are not relevant. If you do not want to use any sections, simply delete the dimensions for that section.

For example, if you want to calculate the capacity for a straight-frame single deck trailer, you would delete the dimensions for the swan-neck, upper deck and upper swan-neck areas. Finally, you would increase the main deck length to a suitable dimension.

Some default values for a Double Deck curtainsided trailer are provided as an example.

Simply alter the values in the form below and the drawing will update automatically to show how the load would be positioned and what the total capacity is.

The 'Samples' section below will assist with starting points.

You can save each drawing by right-clicking and "save image as..."

All measurements are in mm other than volumes which are stated in m3.


The following body type buttons will auto-fill common dimensions in the form fields below.

You will still be able to customise the values in each field to suit.


You can add your own reference title below. It will not affect the result.

Pallet/Cage/Tote Dimensions
Payload Length
Payload Width
Payload Height
Can the load be stacked?
Main Deck
Main Deck Length
Main Deck Width
Main Deck Height
Swan Neck (if applicable)
Swan Neck Deck Length
Swan Neck Deck Width
Swan Neck Height
Upper Main Deck (if applicable)
Upper Main Deck Length
Upper Main Deck Width
Upper Main Deck Height
Upper Swan Neck (if applicable)
Upper Swan Neck Deck Length
Upper Swan Neck Deck Width
Upper Swan Neck Height

This calculator was designed to offer general guidance when calculating potential payload capacities. All generated drawings are subject to final engineering confirmation and Don-Bur accepts no liability for any loss as a result of decisions based on information from this calculator alone.