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Optimise Your Fleet: Don-Bur Trailers & Rigid Bodywork for Efficiency & Profitability

Don-Bur: Your Partner in Trailer & Rigid Bodywork Optimisation. We design and manufacture bespoke, high-performance solutions to streamline your operations and maximise your bottom line. Don-Bur trailers and rigid bodywork can significantly reduce fuel consumption, increase cargo capacity to move more goods, improve loading and unloading times to get you back on the road faster, and minimise downtime to keep your fleet operating at peak efficiency. Partner with Don-Bur and unlock a new level of efficiency and profitability for your business.

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Forge Lasting Partnerships & Achieve Lasting Results

  • Don't just buy a product, invest in a partnership
  • At Don-Bur, we believe the best solutions come from understanding your needs
  • That's why we invest time in building strong relationships with our customers
  • By working closely with you, we develop customised solutions that outperform generic options
  • Our products are designed to work harder, last longer, and streamline your operations

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Innovative Engineering

Don-Bur: Leading Transport Innovation

The transport landscape is ever-changing, demanding stricter safety, optimised systems, and superior efficiency. Don-Bur's innovative engineering tackles these challenges. We design trailers and rigid bodywork that reduce fuel use, minimise downtime, and streamline operations – all with safety paramount.

Don-Bur: Pioneering New Solutions

At Don-Bur, we're passionate about staying ahead. Our dedicated R&D team pushes boundaries, testing new ideas with customers. This commitment has resulted in industry-leading solutions like the award-winning Safe Ground Coupling and "EBS-Safe" systems. We're dedicated to improving safety, efficiency, and value for our customers.

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As a result of their ground-breaking work with the Teardrop™ trailer, Don-Bur have become world leaders in aerodynamic efficiency for commercial vehicle bodywork.

Learn about the Teardrop trailer
Teardrop Trailer
tk maxx lifting deck trailer

Double Deck Trailer Pioneers

Don-Bur were the original pioneers of Lifting Deck technology in the late 1980's and their products now dominate the major fleets.

Proven technology combined with time-evolved improvements have resulted in the most reliable and hard working equipment in the marketplace.

Learn about Lifting Deck trailers

Don-Bur: Your One-Stop Fleet Solution

Streamline your fleet operations with Don-Bur's one-stop shop. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Manufacture
  • Curtains & Graphics
  • Cargo Control
  • Service Inspections
  • Retro-fit initiatives
  • Refurbishment & Repair
  • MOT Prep & Testing
  • Parts
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