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Box Van Lifting Deck Wedge Trailer

Wedge Double Deck Trailers


Why 'Wedge' Double Decks?

Don-Bur 'Wedge' Double Deck trailers provide operators with full height loading across the entire straight length of both decks, capable of achieving industry-leading high deck clearances of up to 1928mm (6' 4").

Don-Bur can provide 52 UK pallet capacity on all 'Wedge' Double Deck types, as well as a 60 UK pallet capacity on all LST 'Wedge' Double Decks.

mands wedge lifting deck trailer


Don-Bur has been designing and manufacturing 'Wedge' Double Deck trailers in the UK for many years.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Comprehensive galvanisation
  • Fixed, Ratchet & Lifting Deck
  • Industry-high 52 UK pallet capacity
  • Tail-lifts to suit requirements

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Lifting Decks

Don-Bur has extensive experience in 'Wedge' Lifting Decks having manufactured their first one 15 years ago, in 2002.

Combined with Don-Bur's 7.5mm thick 'Blade' panels, operators can achieve a deck width of 2440mm on the top deck, which is sufficient to get 26 pallets on each deck.

blade wedge lifting deck 2440
bvtld str open full height loading

Full Height Loading On Both Decks

Don-Bur's 'Wedge' double deck trailers achieve industry-leading apertures of up to 1928mm and provide full height loading across the entire length of both decks.

box van trailer wedge double deck blueprint

Typical Key Dimensions

8.0m - 13.6 (15.65m for LST's)

3.3m - 4.95m high

2.55m wide


Up to 1.928m on both decks

13.495m aperture length (15.545m for LST's)

Weights & Capacities (13.6m standard length)

52 UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm)

66 Euro Pallets (1200 x 800 mm)

44T Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (Vehicles of 6 axles)

Published: Thu 25 Jan 2024

Updated: Wed 08 May 2024

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