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Curtainsided Double Deck Trailer in Showroom

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What Are Double Deck Trailers?

Double Decks are designed to give you twice the carrying capacity of a standard single deck, reducing your number of trips and associated costs by half.

They are now commonplace in the transport industry and are predominantly used for the distribution of lighter-medium goods.

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dunelm box van lifting deck trailer


No company has more experience in the manufacture of Double Deck trailers than Don-Bur and their trailers now dominate the major UK fleets.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fixed, Ratchet & Lifting Deck + Tail-lifts to suit requirements
  • Industry-leading 52 UK pallet capacity

100% Capacity Increase

With a potential increase by up to 100%, Don-Bur's Double Decks can provide operators with a 52 UK pallet carrying capacity, which is an additional 26 UK Pallets over a standard Single Deck Trailer.

This can reduce the number of deliveries by 50%.

double deck 52pallets
the range curtainsided double deck

Fixed Second Deck

Don-Bur's fixed Double Decks have static double decks positioned at a height to suit your payload.

  • Box or curtain sided
  • 3/4 or full-length deck
  • Standard or mesh type 2nd deck
  • EcoStream Fuelsaver roof (average 15% saving)

Lifting Second Deck

Lifting Decks (hydraulically powered) have become increasingly popular at the bay due to the speed and flexibility of loading. A full deck can be loaded completely before lifting to an upper position and loading underneath.

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box van lifting deck trailer
ratchet double deck trailer

Ratchet Second Deck

The variable height Ratchet Double Deck system is designed and manufactured exclusively by DON-BUR. (Registered Design 2001). Ratchet Decks are a forklift operated, multi-positional, mechanical lifting deck system for curtain sided trailers.

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Urban Double Deck Trailers

Urban Double Decks are becoming more and more commonplace in cities as operators try to increase the efficiency of their fleet. Don-Bur offers a number of Urban solutions to suit your requirements

  • Box | Curtain | Straight Frame | Step Frame
  • Lifting, Ratchet & Fixed Deck options
  • City-Safe & City-Quiet options available

urban double deck
mands wedge lifting deck trailer

Wedge Bodywork

Don-Bur 'Wedge' Double Deck trailers provide operators with full height loading on both decks, capable of achieving deck clearances of up to 1928mm (6' 4") and a 52 UK pallet capacity on all types.

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Special Types

Don-Bur manufactures a variety of double deck solutions to cater for specialised operations.

  • Independent Suspension | Drop-Frames
  • Butterfly Decks | Revolving Decks | Removable Decks

box van independent suspension double deck trailer

Typical Key Dimensions

8.0m - 13.6m (15.65m for LST's)

3.3m - 4.95m high

2.55m wide

Apertures - Box

Up to 4.0m Rear Aperture Height

13.495m long (15.445m for LST's)

Apertures - Curtain

Up to 4.0m Rear Aperture Height

13.395m long (15.445m for LST's)

Weights & Capacities (13.6m standard length)

52 UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm)

66 Euro Pallets (1200 x 800 mm)

44T Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (Vehicles of 6 axles)

Published: Thu 25 Jan 2024

Updated: Wed 19 Jun 2024

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