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De-Mountable Bodywork | New


What Is De-Mount Bodywork?

Sometimes referred to as Swap Bodies, De-Mount Bodies refers to bodywork that can be simply detached/re-attached from the chassis cab or draw-bar trailer unit and stand independently on integral landing legs.

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The Don-Bur De-Mountable Bodywork system is engineered and manufactured in-house, including chassis-cab installations, trailers, base frames and bodywork.

  • Extensive galvanisation
  • Curtain or Box bodywork
  • Straight Lift or Contact Systems
  • Compatible with your existing equipment

Greater Flexibility

To give greater flexibility in the warehouse, loading and unloading can be carried out at a time to suit the warehouse staff. The vehicles and drivers are out delivering instead of remaining on the loading dock waiting to be loaded.

  • Reduced driver hours
  • Faster Turnaround from the loading point
  • Eliminates "parked-up" units

de mount draw bar combination
de mount contact system

Contact System

Action: Bodywork frame rolls horizontally along guide rails before being fixed with Twist-Locks.

Two fixed legs at rear corners and two fold-up legs at front.

Straight-Lift System

Action: Bodywork lifts vertically away from the chassis using the vehicle air suspension or on-board hydraulic lifting device before being fixed with Twist-Locks. Heavy duty cones are fitted for ease of unit location.

Four fold-up legs positioned at each corner.

The Straight-lift system lends itself well to draw-bar combinations as both de-mountable units can be positioned and fixed in one move.

bosal de mount straight lift box
draw bar de mount

Draw-Bar De-Mounts

By using De-Mountable Bodywork with Draw-Bar combinations further flexibility is achieved, enabling both trunking and secondary distribution without expensive warehousing or staff. By optimising the number of prime movers/draw-bar trailers and de-mount units, operators can minimise their fleetholding.

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Chassis Installations & Draw Bar Trailers

Don-Bur's Chassis Installations and Draw Bar Trailers are engineered to be compatible with your existing Straight Lift or Contact System De-Mount equipment.

chassis install draw bar trailer
De-Mount Box Blueprint

Typical Key Dimensions

18.75m total combination length

15.65m cumulative bodywork length

16.4m max from front of loading area to the rear

2.55m wide


15.15m long (curtainsider)

15.33m long (box sided)

Capacities (Based on full length Draw Bar Combination)

30 UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm)

36 Euro Pallets (1200 x 800 mm)

Published: Thu 25 Jan 2024

Updated: Thu 27 Jun 2024

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