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Bibby Curtainsided Trailer

Don-Bur Curtainsiders

Curtainsided trailers, curtainsided rigid bodywork and curtainsided de-mountable bodywork.

curtainsided trailer with graphics

Curtainsided Trailers

Don-Bur curtainsiders have a heavy-duty, durable specification which will provide many years of trouble-free service.  All metalwork is protected by hot zinc spray galvanised plating before painting to maximise protection from even the harshest of environments. Curtains have a durable pvc coated 2x2 weave.

Don-Bur use "all bolted" construction to allow for bodywork flexing.

The "Palletmaster"

  • Award winning trailer range
  • "All Bolted" construction
  • Galvanised throughout
  • Excellent return on investment
  • High residual values
  • Superior body strength
  • Low maintenance

"Palletmaster" curtain sided trailers vary from 7.5 to 13.6m length and 22-44 tonnes in either straight, step-frame and/or low profile max-cube chassis. They have 1 to 3 Axles and are compatible with the DON-BUR multi-deck range.

  • Straight/ Step-Frames or Urbans
  • Mega-Neck high cube and Lightweight options
  • Pillarless design offers unencumbered access
  • Container doors as standard
british gypsum curtainsided trailer
EN 12642-XL

EN 12642-XL

The European EN 12642-XL load containment standard is available on all curtainsider vehicles.

For more information about what the standard means to you, click through to our feature page.

Palletmaster "BCS"

bcs curtainsded trailer

The Palletmaster "BCS" benefits from the DON-BUR Buckleless Curtain System (Patent 2002).

The rapid access "BCS" system was developed to tension the entire curtain surface in a one button/ lever action. DON-BUR was the first to develop and produce BCS in 1999 and has revolutionised the way curtain siders look today.

  • Reduction in loading/ unloading time
  • Maximum surface availability for livery/ graphic application
  • Increased aerodynamic efficiency
  • Manual or air-operated versions
  • No buckle replacement/ maintenance costs
  • Less susceptible to damage
  • Simple to clean
  • High load safety retention
  • Lockable; reduces opportunistic theft
BCS Buckleless Curtain System For Trailers

⇧ At rest, a high tension cable forms a zig-zag line; running between, and loosely connecting the curtain and the side rave. Because there is no strain at this stage, the system is easy to operate and eliminates operator risks such as trapped fingers. When away from the curtain, the driver operates a single button, which tensions the cable and draws the zig-zag shape into a centre line; instantly and uniformly tensioning the entire curtain face.

The "Palletmaster" Evolution

"DON-BUR's top-of-the-range curtainsider"

This award winning trailer offers the DON-BUR Buckleless Curtain System (Patent 2002), full GRP 360° air management system skirts (Registered Design 1997) and Supersteel/GRP components to save on weight whilst retaining superior strength. The Palletmaster "Evolution" is the finest, most innovative and hardest working trailer you will see on the roads today.

gold award winner
lafarge teardrop trailer

3d Interactive Model: Curtainsided Trailer

Shown loading from ground level.

Curtainsided Trailer
rigid curtainsder bodywork

Curtainsided Rigid Bodywork

DON-BUR rigid bodywork incorporates an exceptional standard of engineering, build and finish to ensure it performs consistently and with the minimum amount of maintenance throughout its working life.

DON-BUR has a wealth of experience in understanding the unique requirements of all Rigid transport operations and specialise in designing the complete value added product; incorporating engineering and features to generate the optimum performance for your business.

  • "All Bolted" construction
  • Extensive galvanisation throughout
  • Heavy Duty Subframes
  • Optional Buckleless Curtain System
  • Optional, rapid access Slide-a-Side Curtain System
  • Curtain manufacture and graphics in-house
  • Optional Air Management Systems
  • Double Deck Options
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Higher residual values
  • Greater body strength
  • Low maintenance