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The Don-Bur Aerodynamic Teardrop™

Teardrop Trailers

Why Teardrop™ Trailers?

The streamlined and patented shape of the Don-Bur Teardrop™ has been well proven for over a decade to return generous fuel savings without affecting internal load footprint.

The Teardrop™ generates rapid payback and highlights your company's environmental stance.

A guide to aerodynamics

Standard 4.2m high trailer

Standard trailer in windtunnel

⇧ Wind-tunnel illustration

Standard trailer turlulence

⇧ Turbulence illustration

Teardrop trailer

Teardrop trailer in windtunnel

⇧ Wind-tunnel illustration

Teardrop trailer turlulence

⇧ Turbulence illustration

Fuel guage

Fuel Savings

Current Average: 11.3%


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The Teardrop™, first conceived by the Don-Bur design team in 2006, is a unique and innovative commercial vehicle shape that mimics the natural and perfect aerodynamic properties of a liquid teardrop.

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Cuts CO2 Emissions
  • Cost-effective product with a rapid pay-back period
  • Maintains a striking, aesthetically pleasing design
Aerodynamic Marks & Spencer Teardrop Trailer
teardrop tropfenauto

The Teardrop™ Origin

Shape modification of moving vehicles has been proven for some time to improve aerodynamic performance.

In the 1950's and 60's, aerodynamics played a crucial role to the design of racing cars, where engineers started to recognise the benefits of higher speed and better stability.

Image shown is the 'Tropfenauto' designed by Edmund Rumpler which literally translates as the 'teardrop car'

The Teardrop™ Shape Today

Today, although you may not be consciously aware of it, aerodynamic profiling is commonplace. Modern examples include the Toyota Prius (2010-current: Cd 0.25) and BMW i8 (2014-currentL Cd 0.26); both of which have exceptionally low aerodynamic drag. 'Brick'-shaped cars no longer exist except in the garages of the most enthusiastic of collectors.

Sports equipment is also often streamlined to reduce power-sapping drag and gain improved performance.

Toyota Prius
tk maxx rigid teardrop

For those that operate them, Teardrop™ trailers and rigid bodywork proudly stand out amongst the crowd; representing companies that demand better efficiency and care about their impact on the environment…

…companies that are arguably now more attractive to those they supply.

26 pallet capacity teardrop

Internal Load Capacity

There is no effect on load footprint. A standard 13.6m Teardrop™ trailer carries 26 UK pallets.

A generous rear aperture height can be maintained by lowering the chassis at the rear. This provides the capability to lower the roof height at the back without compromising volume or rear aperture.

Internal volume varies depending on overall height optimised roof curvature but will be comparable with existing specifications.

Impact on CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions are directly proportional to fuel consumed (2.63kgs CO2 / litre Diesel).

One combination travelling 60,000 miles per annum at 8.5 mpg will consume 32,080 litres of diesel and generate 84.37 tonnes of CO2. A 10% reduction in fuel use will cut CO2 emissions by 8.4 tonnes.

CO2 Calculator

co2 emissions
3d Teardrop Trailer

3D Interactive Model

This content is interactive.

3D Launcher

teardrop trailer blueprint

Typical Key Dimensions

8.0m - 13.7m long (15.650m for LST's)

3.3m - 4.95m high

2.55m wide


Curtain Sided - 13.395m long (15.395m for LST's)

Box Sided - 13.495m long (15.495m for LST's)

Up to 4.0m high


7.5T Typical TARE weight (13.6m trailer)

29T Max Payload

44T Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (Vehicles of 6 axles)


26 UK pallets (30 for LST's) (1200 x 1000mm)

33 Euro Pallets (38 for LST's) (1200 x 800 mm)

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Intellectual Property

The Teardrop™ trailer has the following protection which Don-Bur actively enforces:

  • Granted Patents: GB2443035 and GB2474379.
  • Community Registered Designs: 000867593-0001, 000709423-0002 and 000709423-0001.
Intellectual Property

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