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PC World picks energy efficient Don-Bur Teardrop trailer


Computer retailer PC World is moving to a fleet of space age lorries to distribute stock to its nationwide chain of stores. The Don Bur trailers have been built to a similar design to those ordered by Marks & Spencer.

In PC World guise, the trailer has been named “RoadMouse” because it is shaped like enormous computer mouse, reduces the fuel consumption of lorries delivering to PC World stores.

Each equivalent journey can be carried out using by 10 per cent less fuel and the new lorries provide 10 per cent more storage capacity. Both factors will enable PC World to deliver a 20 per cent improvement in overall fuel consumption.

The entire 75-strong PC World fleet will be converted in early 2008. All vehicles run on biodiesel and also deliver a 20 per cent saving on CO2 emissions relative to previous vehicles.

Keith Jones, managing director of PC World said: “I‘m very pleased that we’re able to use the state of the art RoadMouse to deliver stock to our stores. The aerodynamic shape is much more efficient and, being mouse-shaped, it is also a great reminder of the technology that we provide.”



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Published: Sat 15 Dec 2007

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Logistics Manager

Published by: Logistics Manager

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