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Dave Burton

David Burton

Managing Director


David Burton had a humble beginning in the bodybuilding industry, starting on the shop floor at Don-Bur after leaving school in 1981.

He learned a wide array of practical, hands-on skills ranging from welder to body assembling before migrating into sales where he was promoted to Sales Director.  David's personable character and dedicated work ethic underpinned a thriving environment which tripled the loyal customer base.

David earned his position as Managing Director in 2004 and he now oversees all 6 Don-Bur divisons with approximately 550 staff.  David's key strengths lie wth product development and customer focus and, supported by his board of directors,  he continues to drive Don-Bur's successes.

Published: Wed 29 Nov 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

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