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tvg oculux camera

TVG Oculux vehicle CCTV Camera


Oculux® is a purpose made vehicle CCTV camera, specifically designed for HGV and commercial vehicle use. Only made by TVG.

The most advanced vehicle CCTV camera on the market. Choose the best for your fleet.

One camera type, different casings, programmable functionality.

By simply re-programming Oculux® and/or changing the casing and fixings, it can be used in all required vehicle camera scenarios, such as forward facing, rear and side positioning. Oculux is a totally new innovation in vehicle camera technology.



Quality, reliability, reassurance. Are the three reasons we designed, developed and now manufacture our own vehicle camera. The Oculux camera ball is aerospace grade aluminium and the case is made from DuPont Nylon.

What’s inside Oculux...

Oculux® has been developed specifically for the demanding environments of HGV and commercial vehicle use.


UltraLux technology uses new semiconductor fabrication techniques to substantially increase the number of photons captured. The result: The best low-light footage you will see in the vehicle CCTV market.


Hyperlens technology ensures the highest possible lens performance via anti abrasion and anti-reflective capabilities - even in the harshest conditions. The result: Advanced picture quality with increased lens longevity.


LiveConfig technology allows every camera to be configured, even when the vehicle is out on the road. Oculux® can self-diagnose by reporting issues or malfunctions over the air. The result: less vehicle downtime due to camera maintenance.


With up to 2.1 million pixels in wide-screen 16:9 resolution and programmable compression, Oculux® provides outstanding performance and value for money. The result: The best picture and footage storage on the market.

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Published: Tue 18 Jul 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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