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Don-Bur Cut Fabrication Time in Two with New Laser Cutter


Don-Bur has continued its recent growth programme with an additional £1 million investment in a new laser cutter bay to assist with the consistently growing demand for their products.  This is the second substantial investment in laser cutting facilities in just over twelve months and it promises reduced turnaround times and double productivity.  This is the latest in a string of investments over the last eight years for Don-Bur, as part of their ongoing expansion strategy.

The new laser cutter can handle materials up to 6500 x 3100 x 20mm and, due to its highly rigid design and precision drives, the cutting accuracy is 0.05mm per metre.  The Impuls constant beam length system used ensures a consistent cut over the entirety of the cutting area and the edge function feature generates precision corners, providing a smooth, pristine finish; particularly in thicker materials.  The resulting cut part requires no re- work and wastage is minimal.

The laser cutter is simpler to operate and requires less maintenance than other similar systems in the industry.  The 3D CAD software interface provides the flexibility to cut more complex items with greater detail, which significantly reduces fabrication time and eliminates outsourcing.  The part number is etched onto each piece enabling quick identification and contract allocation; improving productivity and capacity.

The power of the laser gives a much cleaner cut and the positioning speed of the laser head provides a faster, more accurate cut-to-cut workpiece changeover, travelling at 85m per minute.  Lastly, it can be set to run 24 hours per day and is never in a motionless state, maximising the potential production capacity.

David Burton, Managing Director at Don-Bur, said “As a result of the ongoing increase in our market share, significant investment has been focussed on manufacturing and production to cater for the increased demand.  The new laser cutter will generate a rapid return on investment, whilst still maintaining the build quality that is synonymous with Don-Bur.  This, coupled with the success of the existing laser cutter, made the investment a no-brainer.”


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Published: Mon 23 Nov 2015

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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