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Don-Bur Gets Hearts Racing With Defibrillator


As part of their regular health and safety improvement drive, Don-Bur now have an in-house defibrillator which could save lives both at their main manufacturing plant and in the surrounding neighbourhood which includes a large number of domestic properties.

The new defibrillator is now a part of the standard first aid training and will provide invaluable support in situations where individuals may be complaining of chest pains or other preliminary signs of potential heart conditions.  The equipment includes monitoring and ECG equipment to record and log breathing, blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart activity.  Not only can it advise in the event of heart fibrillation or heart attack, it will also store that data which can be easily downloaded by the Paramedic team on arrival for quick and efficient diagnosis.

Jill Vaughan, Don-Bur's Health & Safety Manager comments "We are proud to to be able to offer this service.  With the correct training and application, our new defibrillator could provide the vital support needed before the arrival of the Emergency Services.  One day, it could save someone's life and the investment is a small price to pay for that re-assurance."

Anyone having any questions about the service are welcome to contact Don-Bur on 01782 599 666.

Published: Tue 01 Nov 2016

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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