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APC Overnight trials Don-Bur EcoStream trailer


Don-Bur aerodynamic trailer in the first stage of a major project to replace its entire trailer fleet. The double-decker, curtain-sided  EcoStream  trailer is fitted with an innovative lifting deck enabling safer,  quicker  loading and unloading – and unique to this unit is the option to use the  rear  doors where access is an issue.

“The  EcoStream is a cutting edge design that scores points all round for  reducing  emissions as well as improving safety. The upper lifting deck is lowered for  loading and then raised to allow access to the area beneath,  which not only  improves safety but also speeds up the process. We were also keen to solve the  problem of limited access to the decks which we’ve achieved  by configuring the  design to allow loading and unloading via the rear  doors. This flexibility enables faster turnaround of the trailers,” says Syed  Ziaullah, Operations  Director, APC Overnight.The EcoStream trailers will complement the advanced DAF CF85 tractor units, which APC Overnight has recently added to its fleet, enabling improved fuel consumption. Together, the trailers and EURO 5 rated tractor units will provide  efficient transportation with reduced carbon footprint.

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Published: Thu 25 Mar 2010

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Materials Handling World Magazine

Published by: Materials Handling World Magazine

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