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Don-Bur Launch New Lifting Deck "Adapt"


The new Lifting Deck body shape, dubbed "Adapt", has just been launched which provides greater flexibility with load sizes, better compatibility with existing 4m high loading bays and improves aerodynamics.

Many operators have standard load heights, controlled by known containers such as cages or pallet height guidance.  Some operators however, such as homewares, may have to contend with any number of larger, indivisible load types that simply won't fit into typical Double Deck trailers.

One workaround might be to have a step-frame trailer with a 3/4 length deck to the rear.  This 44 UK pallet option opens up the area over the swan-neck to house any number of awkward payload shapes.  The problem with all step-frames is, unsurprisingly, the step itself.  Lifting Deck trailers overcome this to a degree because the upper deck can raise hydraulically to different heights to enable fairly quick loading of the swan-neck area; however, it does require a second operation of the lift and this consumes valuable time.  If you specify a cheaper fixed secondary deck, you'll have to opt for an internal lift of large ramp to get from the main lower deck to the swan-neck area and this creates frustration.

The Lifting Deck "Adapt" avoids these issues completely.  Based on a step-free "Wedge" design, a 3/4 length upper deck has been placed toward the front of the trailer in lieu of the rear.  This opens up the back of the trailer for all those larger freight oddities but still offers a simple one-lift-cycle operation of the deck to completely fill the trailer to the 44 UK pallet capacity.

The other key aspect of the Lifting Deck "Adapt" is that the rear roof section is angled down so that the overall height at the back is more akin to a standard single deck height.  You'd be forgiven for questioning this logic in a double deck trailer famed for its internal volume but once you understand you can reverse the "Adapt" up to any standard height loading bays, you quickly realise that you don't need to invest in higher loading bays to accept double decks that typically exceed 4.88m (16').

Because the trailer rear is angled down, this also provides an aerodynamic effect, similar to that of a Teardrop trailer.  4.9m high trailers are well known for their lack of streamlining but the improved rear profile will help to offset that.  Trials are under way and we look forward to publishing results.

The first "Adapt" Lifting Deck trailer was one of a large batch of 13.6m long tri-axle workhorses.  They stand at 4.92m high overall which reduces at the rear to a convenient 4.2m.  Internally, the lower deck height ranges from 1.73 at the very front to a generous 1.9m under the rear of the 2nd deck.  Upstairs is a 1.7m high aperture.

David Burton, Managing Director at Don-Bur comments "Don-Bur are already well-known for thier Lifting Deck trailers.  We're very proud to launch yet another industry-first which provides greater efficiencies and reduces operational cost."

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Published: Fri 17 Mar 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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