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Don-Bur Create First Teardrop Ratchet Double Deck Trailer


Chaplin Transport has just taken delivery of the first ever Teardrop™ Trailer to incorporate 3 moveable double deck sections (Ratchet Decks).

In DeliveryCo livery, the 13.7m long Tri-Axle has a 4.434m overall height, but the stillages vary significantly in size, so the introduction of variable height decks to utilize the Teardrops additional cube was an ideal solution.


Normally, a Ratchet Deck needs to be raised to the topmost position to unset the ratchets before dropping it to floor level with resets the mechanism again.  The Chaplin example was specified with a manual reset function.  Two "paddles" on the deck side can be turned to manually unset/reset the ratchets meaning that they can lift the deck to a high position, load underneath and then lower the deck just above the load.  This solution means that each aperture is optimised for the loads.There are 3x Four tonne rated Ratchet Decks, placed to the front 3/4 of the trailer, which can be independently raised or lowered through 300mm increments using a forklift.



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Published: Fri 22 Oct 2010

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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