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teardrop demo mk2

DON-BUR Manufacture a Teardrop Demonstrator For Free Trials


By now, you will probably be aware of the new Teardrop™ shaped single-deck trailer, designed and manufactured exclusively by DON-BUR.

Since the original launch of the revolutionary aerodynamic concept last September and its successful fuel trials, several subsequent orders have been placed by major blue chip operators; the most publicised being those produced for M&S and PC World. You may also have seen the new DHL liveried example at the CV Show earlier this month.

Diesel prices continue to increase at a crippling rate and fuel economy has become critical to the success or failure of today’s transport operations. As a result, there has been much debate about the Teardrop™ Trailer, not least regarding the 10.44%** fuel savings reported by DHL. Over the years, numerous fuel saving figures have been claimed by a number of manufacturers, attributable to various aerodynamic ‘aids’ and many seasoned individuals have become sceptical about the validity, practicality and real value of those claims.

We recognise that the fuel savings generated by the Teardrop™ trailers will vary from operation to operation and, as we have absolute confidence in the product, we have decided to manufacture a demonstrator trailer, available to anyone who wishes to trial it in their own operation. The results from your trials will undoubtedly prove more realistic than any wind tunnel or track testing we can do.

Consider for a moment one standard tractor-trailer combination currently traveling 60,000 miles per annum at an average of 8.5 mpg. It will consume 32,080 litres of diesel at a cost (based on bulk price: 6th April 2009 of 83.84 pence per litre) of £26,895.93 and emit 84.37 tonnes of CO2into the atmosphere. A 9.97% saving with a Teardrop™ trailer equates to £2,437.70; providing a rapid payback of just one year. To evaluate your own fleet emissions, try our online calculator.

There is no reduction in load capacity and, if you can utilise the additional 10% volume in the Teardrop™, you can reduce delivery frequency and fleet size. We now also manufacture curtainsider Teardrop™ trailers and Teardrop™ Rigid Bodywork.

As one well-known fleet operator has recently quoted, “It really is a no-brainer.”

To reserve your free trial booking, please e-mail

**The Teardrop™ has been tested in comparison to a similar specification tractor-trailer combination, already complete with cab top deflectors, collars and full wrap aerodynamic trailer skirts.

Published: Fri 25 Apr 2008

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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