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front bulkhead deflector

Aerodynamic Front Bulkhead Deflector


Front bulkhead deflectors or 'domes' have become commonplace on aerodynamically-aware fleets conscious of  their impact on the environment.

Particularly when fitted to double decks, they are arguably one of the best aerodynamic interventions when considering return on investment.  They don't eat into load space, are easy to fit, save fuel and are very cost effective.

aerodynamic bulkhead dome cfd analysis

Any area on the trailer's front bulkhead that stands proud over the top of the tractor cab top deflector causes huge drag and a subsequent drain on fuel economy.  A good front bulkhead 'dome' has to be high on any purchaser's wish list.

Does It Reduce Drag?

CFD Analysis with a 1 degree yaw angle showed a force decrease of 131.7 N (vs. a previous total of 2775.9N) or -4.745%.

In long term customer trials, the resultant fuel saving has been demonstrated at 1.8%.

How Much Fuel Does It Save?


£618.85 saving per year

CO2 reduction of 1.99 tonnes per year


Based on a 1.8% (0.15mpg) fuel saving rate.  Base line fuel economy of 8.5mpg travelling 80,000 miles per year and a bulk diesel price of 81.8 ppl (correct at 24th November 2020)


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Published: Fri 16 Jul 2021

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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