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tvg cvas

TVG CVAS - left turn speaker system


Suitable for any type of vehicle and any environment

CVAS is manufactured in the UK by TVG and is the most reliable and versatile audio warning safety solution available for businesses operating HGV, commercial and plant vehicles.

CVAS is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring superior sound quality and durability no matter the type of vehicle or environment it operates in.

CVAS has a wide variety of mounting brackets to ensure it fits perfectly to any vehicle. There is no vehicular environment too extreme for the device to operate in.

Programmable audio warnings

Commercial Vehicle Announcement System (CVAS). Designed and manufactured by TVG. More than just a left turn speaker.

Much more than a left turn speaker!

  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK by TVG with superior device longevity

  • Programmable functionality means one speaker can deliver different messages

  • Conforms to night operation and noise regulations

  • Tough, durable and tested to work in extreme environments

Quality, Longevity and Reliability

CVAS is manufactured in the UK by TVG for superior quality and performance. Built to last the lifetime of your vehicle, the speaker is sealed in a watertight, shatter proof, UV stabilised material for ultimate strength and durability.

  • Jet washing

  • Prolonged submersion

  • Impact testing

  • Vibration testing

A variety of messages, from one device

CVAS can be programmed with any spoken-word alert and directional multi-frequency sound in multiple vehicle scenarios, all from a single unit ...

  • “This vehicle is turning left”

  • “This vehicle is reversing”

  • “Stand clear, tail lift in operation”

  • “Warning, door ajar”

  • “Warning, crane in operation”

  • “Emergency vehicle in operation”

CVAS can even increase the safe operation of electric and other quiet running vehicles.

Why Choose CVAS?

The Commercial Vehicle Announcement System (CVAS®) is a left turn speaker that does much more than other left turn speaker systems. CVAS® can provide multiple alert notifications and can be programmed to play any message you want. For example: fitted to the rear of your vehicle the device can be programmed with “WARNING, VEHICLE REVERSING” or “STAND CLEAR, TAIL LIFT IN OPERATION”.

CVAS® can be programmed to deliver any specific alert you choose, including a brand specific message by including your company name. What’s really innovative is that CVAS® does all this from a single mounted device.

CVAS® is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring superior sound quality and durability no matter what environment your vehicles operate in.

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Published: Tue 18 Jul 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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