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airbar safe turn cyclist stays back

Inflatable Safety Zone System by AIRBAR™


Main image:  Safe-turn® by AIRBAR™

AIRBAR™ is a highly effective visible vehicle (LGV or HGV) mounted inflatable, brightly coloured membrane with flashing LEDs that when deployed, increases the apparent width of a parked vehicle. Passing traffic give the inflated AIRBARs™ with their flashing LEDs a wide berth, thereby creating a safer working zone alongside the vehicle for the driver or operator whilst working alongside.

With a full AIRBAR system fitted drivers, using a small in-cab controller, can manually select to deploy AIRBARS fitted to either the nearside, offside or both sides of the vehicle. The full system creates Roadside-safe® or Compound-safe® zones, and includes Safe-turn®, the cyclist safety system.

Safe-turn® automatically deploys at under 15mph when the nearside turn indicator is activated and create a highly effective visual alert to cyclists or other vulnerable road users. Cyclists see the AIRBARs™ as a physical barrier and wait behind the vehicle until the turn is completed. The cyclist is clearly visible in the nearside rear-view mirror. Safe-turn® becomes the primary safety device in preventing nearside blind-spot cyclist collisions at nearside junctions as a collision is improbable if the cyclist is not physically in the danger zone.

AIRBAR™ is a British invention, manufactured in Britain, and won the Lodar sponsored Institute of Vehicle Recovery’s Innovation Award in 2019.

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Published: Fri 23 Apr 2021

Updated: Tue 09 Jan 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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