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banksman autobraking

Vision Techniques BanksMan – Auto Braking Reversing Radar


The ultimate in autobraking technology

Specifically designed for on-road commercial vehicles,  this award-winning state of the art radar and autobraking system not only detects moving or stationary objects with 100% accuracy but will apply the brakes should the driver be distracted and not respond to the in-cab visual and audible alarms bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop, therefore removing any risk of collision. Want to see VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING in action? Watch our Video  


A quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing and even though many other reversing accidents do not result in injury they can cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises.  Blindspots on vehicles create zones where accidents can happen, where a vehicle is required to operate can change daily – narrow streets, public roads, busy urban areas, site and depot spaces all bring their own unique challenges to drivers who often work in extreme weather conditions and sometimes at night decreasing visibility.

Helping to reduce the risks associated with manoeuvring via camera systems is a start, however, these systems still require the attention and alertness of the driver and whilst banksmen can undoubtedly be a huge asset on site,  there is still the risk of human error.  VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING has been developed to give vital visual and audible warnings to attract the attention of the driver of the potential hazard should the driver not respond or is distracted VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING  will automatically apply the brakes, removing any risk.

Developed to reduce collisions in the municipal and waste industry VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING is now adopted by many leading organisations across a variety of different sectors.


How it works

VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING has been developed using state of the art FMCW technology (Microwave Radar) for 100% accurate detections.  The system is programmed with tailored customised detection zones to suit your vehicle or application. The spread and length of the beam can be set to the width of your vehicle or up to 25m in length.

It recognises potential hazards that enter into the programmed detection zones. Giving three distinct warnings to the driver via audible and visual displays which increase with intensity the closer the vehicle gets to the object, giving the driver enough time to react, however, should the driver not react to the alarms VT BANKSMAN AUTOBRAKING will automatically apply the breaks to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop.

Should the driver, who is now aware of the hazards, still need to reverse, a manual over-ride button can be used. This button will activate the over-ride mode, disabling the braking portion of the system for that period of reverse. The unit will still give an audible warning.

The implementation of speed and direction sensing makes unwanted and irritating false alarms a thing of the past and for full accountability, the BLB (Brake Logic Box) logs all range changes, brake activations, overrides and faults, therefore should an incident occur the system can be reviewed to find out the route cause ultimately creating the safest radar system on the market.

Robust and tough with a heavy-duty stainless steel radar head which is unaffected by moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, UV, snow, ice, high wind, water and mud.

Features and Benefits

  • FMCW Technology for accurate and reliable detection
  • Programmable detection zones customised to vehicle or application
  • Intelligent detection of closing distances to prevent false alarms
  • Forward and reversing
  • Driver alert system and speed detection
  • Tested to IP69
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel radar head industry has proven for over 25 years
  • Can be retrofitted to any type of vehicle
  • Auto brake activations  can be monitored via the BLB for review
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Unique to VT
  • Up to 60-month warranty available


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Published: Wed 30 Sep 2020

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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