Don-Bur Build Teardrop Trailers For Belgium-Based Ninatrans

Don-Bur Build Teardrop Trailers For Belgium-Based Ninatrans

Ninatrans has inaugurated the first aerodynamic trailers in Belgium.

These trailers, built by the English firm Don-Bur, were adapted for use in Europe and will contribute to the continuous efforts of Ninatrans to reduce CO2 emissions.

The project was made possible thanks to an intense collaboration between Ninatrans, DHL and Don-Bur.

In Great-Britain, Don-Bur builds trailers with a Teardrop effect. Thanks to this aerodynamic shape, the resistance and the swirl of the air around the trailer will be reduced to a minimum.

In support of the Lean & Green project, which Ninatrans is committed to reduce 20% of the CO2 emissions within a period of 5 years, these Teardrop trailers are an important step in the right direction.

Ninatrans is confident to achieve substantial fuel and CO2 savings with these trailers.

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