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Don-Bur Expansion Leads to 100 New Jobs


A 6-acre expansion at the Don-Bur manufacturing plant in Stoke-on-Trent is set to complete in 2021 and has led to a further 100 jobs to support the unprecedented level of new orders at the HGV trailer-making factory.

The additional land was purchased in 2019 and ground works started in 2020 following extensive ground surveys and environmental studies.  An estimated 50,000 tonnes of earth have been moved to fill and level the site which will be destined to provide end-of-line product storage before it gets delivered to customers.

The strategic long-term move alleviates space constraints in key manufacturing areas at the Don-Bur production plant; allowing them to improve flowline processes and increase throughput.

The exceptional current total order value and planned additional capacity will require up to 100 new important positions across all areas of manufacturing.  The Don-Bur apprenticeship scheme will run alongside an intensive recruitment drive to attract skilled local labour.

Don-Bur has been designing and producing HGV trailers since 1981 and has become the leading original equipment manufacturer for innovative bodywork.  They are increasingly becoming preferred suppliers to a large blue-chip client base who are enjoying the benefits of bespoke, environmentally-friendly transport solutions.

They offer a range of employee benefits including permanent contracts, an auto-enrol employer-contribution pension scheme and company life assurance.



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Published: Thu 09 Sep 2021

Updated: Wed 22 May 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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