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Yodel Lifting Deck Trailer

Don-Bur Manufacture 107 Lifting Double Deck Trailers For Yodel


Yodel has announced the creation of Yodel Transport Ltd and is growing its capabilities fast.

"This is a really exciting time for Yodel," said Yodel Transport's Managing Director Jamie Stephenson.

He continued: "The new standalone business enables us to optimise our operation and deliver efficiencies in design and execution.

"We are making significant investments in new trailers and a state-of-the-art Control Tower, which is near completion, to support the effective management of network operations. We will have one of the largest transport fleets in the UK."

Yodel Transport has ordered 107 new Double Deck trailers with lifting decks from manufacturers Don-Bur. The first ones will arrive in early June. This new order comes on top of the 100 replacement aero-dynamic, single deck trailers Yodel purchased in November 2010.

The Double Deck trailers have many design features to suit Yodel's operations. They will greatly increase the company's capacity to reliably and efficiently transport parcels across the country, whilst saving in total an anticipated 7200 miles per working day.

Don-Bur's Managing Director, David Burton, said: "The lifting deck trailers represent the best of breed. By using the latest technology, internal capacity has been increased to suit the operation whilst optimising aero-dynamic efficiency. We are delighted to have been awarded this market-leading opportunity by Yodel."

Yodel Transport was formed to bring together the company's considerable driver base following the acquisition of the domestic B2B and B2C businesses of DHL Express (UK) Ltd into one transport unit with a specialist leadership team.

Jonathan Smith, Yodel CEO, said: "The investment in Yodel Transport, including the new Double Deck trailers and the modern Control Tower are a statement of our ambitions. We are on a journey to make Yodel best-in-class, offering our customers the broadest range of services to suit their parcel delivery demands."

Published: Wed 25 May 2011

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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