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Clipper Drives The Green Agenda with New Fleet


Delivering on their vision to limit the impact their operations have on the environment, Clipper Logistics have introduced to its fleet in 11 new vehicles and 16 trailers designed to reduce carbon emissions.

In an industry first, the new vehicles powered by LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), each save an estimated 47 tonnes of CO2 per annum, resulting in a saving of over 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The new vehicles have a range of 1,500km – double that of a diesel vehicle. Combined, the new vehicles and trailers also have the capacity to reduce trunking requirements by 20 per cent.

Mick Doe, Transport Operations Director of Clipper Logistics, says: “As a business, we recognise we are high milage road users, but we are committed to reducing unnecessary road miles, and ensuring that what we do accumulate is cleaner. This is only the first step in our fleet renewal strategy, which will see us move away from diesel powered vehicles, adopt additional LNG vehicles and trailers, whilst also introducing electric ridgid vehicles for transport in city centres, where possible.”

Clipper partnered with Northern Commercials and IVECO to find a vehicle model, whilst the double decker trailers were sourced through Don Bur and TIP. This collaborative partnership ensured that Clipper vehicles were not only quieter and cleaner, but designed to use the largest trailers permitted on UK roads.

The new straight-framed double decker trailers are 15.65 long, and have a height of 1.85m on both decks. The trailers are two metres longer than previously allowed and use regulations operating under a special license from the government as part of a trial to reduce road miles. This has resulted in an increase in capacity, with the new trailers able to accommodate a total of 60 pallets (compared with 42 previously).

Tony Mannix, CEO of Clipper Logistics, says: “We are delighted with the addition of these new vehicles and trailers to our fleet. They are the largest and most environmentally conscious in the industry, demonstrating our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment across all areas of our business.”

Published: Wed 24 Oct 2018

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Clipper

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