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Don-Bur Develop SCUASH Capacity Calculator


Nicknamed 'SCUASH', Don-Bur has launched a comprehensive load capacity calculator. The system has been designed in-house and is able to determine the maximum capacity and fill percentage of any uniform payload within specified trailer or rigid bodywork dimensions. Assisting with the process of optimising solutions, it can evaluate and compare thousands of layout scenarios instantaneously, giving both Don-Bur and visitors the power to rapidly develop ideal prototypes.

'SCUASH' is an abbreviation of 'Solving Cube Utilisation, Applying Simulation Heuristics' and it does just that. It simulates every possible layout scenario and, by trial and error, selects the best arrangement to maximise load fill potential. By altering values in a simple form, it automatically re-calculates and outputs a drawing in real-time that can be saved and used in the same way as a normal image.

The system caters for numerous payload types, including pallets, cages and totes, to name but a few. It also gives you the option to calculate stack height potential and the clearance you can expect from the top of the load to the underside of the roof or second deck. 'SCUASH' will also output the maximum fill percentage of the vehicle, which will indicate the degree of cube efficiency.

Samples are provided via a drop-down menu on the simulation program to help with common dimensions for varying body types. Included in these is Don-Bur's exclusive 'Blade' panelled Lifting Deck, which is capable of achieving an unbeatable 52 UK pallet footprint.



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Published: Fri 24 Oct 2014

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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