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12640 rated lashing posts

What is EN 12640?


BS EN 12640 is the approved European standard for lashing points on commercial vehicles for goods transportation. As defined by the EN 12640:2001:

"The standard specifies the minimum requirements and test methods for lashing points fitted to commercial vehicles and trailers with flatbed body construction of maximum total mass above 3,5 t and intended for general use."

What is a ‘lashing point’?

A ‘lashing point’ is defined by EN 12640:2001 as a "securing device on a vehicle, to which a lashing may be directly attached".

Am I EN 12640 compliant?

To achieve EN 12640 compliance your lashing points must adhere to several parameters stated in the British Standard's EN 12640:2001, which include the way the lashing point is designed & constructed, the number of lashing points required for your operation and whereabouts you position your lashing points along your vehicle. Each of these parameters is dependent upon your vehicles length, minimum distance between lashing points and your vehicles ‘permissible tensile load’ (how much weight your vehicle can legally carry).

Published: Fri 17 Nov 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

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