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Regulation ECE R111 | trailer rollover stability

Are there any regulations for trailer rollover stability?


A: One key regulation for trailer rollover stability is ECE Regulation R111, also known as the Uniform provisions concerning the approval of tank vehicles of Categories N and O with regard to rollover stability. This regulation applies to tankers carrying hazardous materials, but its principles are often used for other trailers as well.

Q: How does ECE R111 influence trailer design?

A: ECE R111 outlines two methods for assessing rollover stability:

  • Tilt Table Test: This physical test measures the angle at which a trailer overturns on a tilting platform. The trailer must remain stable up to a tilt angle of 23 degrees in both directions.
  • Calculation Method: This method uses engineering calculations to assess the trailer's stability. The calculation considers factors like centre of gravity height and determines if the trailer would overturn under a lateral acceleration of 4 m/s².

Q: What does 4 m/s² lateral acceleration mean?

A: Imagine the trailer taking a sharp turn. Lateral acceleration is the force pushing the trailer outwards during the turn, similar to how you feel pushed sideways in a car going around a bend. 4 m/s² represents a specific level of this outward force. The regulation ensures the trailer design can withstand this force without tipping over.

Q: How does this information affect running gear manufacturers (like BPW, SAF, and JOST)?

Running gear manufacturers consider ECE R111 (or similar principles) when designing axles and suspension systems. A critical factor in trailer stability is the centre of gravity (CG) height. Knowing the maximum allowable lateral acceleration or tilt angle, manufacturers can provide recommendations for the maximum safe CG height for a specific trailer configuration. This ensures the trailer remains stable with the intended cargo load.

By following these regulations and manufacturer recommendations, trailer manufacturers and operators can help reduce the risk of trailer rollovers, improving safety on the roads.

Published: Tue 21 May 2024

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