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wabco tailguard

Wabco TailGUARD: Rear blind spot detection system


Rear blind spot detection system that automatically stops the trailer

Rear blind spot detection system that automatically stops the trailer in the event of an imminent collision.

TailGUARD technology increases vehicle safety during reversing operations by detecting small, large, static and moving objects in the blind spot behind the vehicle and automatically brakes the trailer.


  • Helps the driver to safely reverse in limited visibility conditions
  • Helps to avoid accidents while reversing
  • Helps to avoid trailer damage and associated costs related to trailer downtime
  • Helps to avoid damage to unloading facilities
  • Compliant with ISO 12155 norm for reversing systems for commercial vehicles
  • Can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E Premium version 2 (2011) or higher


  • Automatically brakes the trailer while reversing within 20"-78" / 50-200cm from objects and walls located in the rear blind spot
  • Automatically activated when the driver shifts into reverse
  • Uses up to six ultrasonic sensors to measure distance to objects behind the trailer
  • Automatically warns the driver by pulsing the brakes when the reversing speed is higher than 5.6 mph / 9 km/h
  • Works with the WABCO Trailer Remote Control in the truck cab to display the distance to objects behind the trailer and sounds an alert when the trailer comes within the pre-programmed distance of an object
  • Stopping distance can be programmed between 20"-78" / 50-200cm

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Published: Wed 30 Sep 2020

Updated: Tue 09 Jan 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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