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Wide Lath Roller Shutter Rear Closure


When it comes to maneuvering commercial vehicles in loading bays, the choice between traditional doors and a (roller) shutter rear closure holds significant implications for efficiency and safety.

Unlike conventional doors, a shutter rear closure is often the preferred choice when a vehicle is intended to reverse up to a bay. This design eliminates the need for a driver to step out and open doors before maneuvering onto the bay, streamlining the process and mitigating unnecessary risks.

Furthermore, the practicality extends to drop-offs. A driver can leave a trailer at a bay, allowing operatives to open both the bay door and the trailer shutter at their convenience. This not only enhances flexibility but also ensures operations can continue within a weather-tight environment.

Several types of wide lath shutters are available to provide a secure rear closure:

  1. Wood:

    • A cost-effective option with durability, but it shares the water ingress risks associated with GRP panels over an extended period.
    • Larger shutters, especially on double decks, pose challenges due to increased weight, requiring stronger springs for effective counterbalance.
  2. Aluminium:

    • Preferred for its lightweight and durable nature, aluminium shutters are the optimal choice, albeit at a premium compared to wooden counterparts.

Regular maintenance is crucial for wide lath shutters to ensure the correct tension in the spring balance.

It's essential to note that as shutters operate on tracks inside the vehicle body, there is a slight reduction in load space. This factor becomes particularly important when internal cube space is at a premium.

In conclusion, the choice of a wide lath shutter closure brings not only operational advantages but also considerations for material durability, maintenance requirements, and the impact on internal cargo space.

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Published: Wed 03 Jan 2024

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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