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anti vandal curtains

Anti-Vandal Curtains


Don-Bur's flexible & heavy duty anti-vandal curtain panels can be included on curtains to prevent theft and vandalism.

Options are available for both rigid and trailer application, including Siosteel and Dynatex meshes.

Anti-vandal mesh

Stainless steel close woven chain mail, is first attached to a sheet of 630gsm PVC coated polyester, and then finally welded to the inside face of the side curtain Available as standard in 1m or 2m heights, other sizes can be accommodated.


Siosteel is a composite consisting of a PVC-coated steel net and double-side PVC-coated polyester fabric, used primarily for intrusion-resistant truck and train tarpaulins and side curtains.

siosteel mesh


This multi-axial laid construction spreads over the full surface so that every square mm of the PVC curtain, to which the product has been taped or welded, is protected against aggressions. The curtain composite was specifically designed as a means of defence against vandalism and theft. In addition to providing an excellent protection, its great advantages are its flexibility and relatively light weight for the degree of protection offered. Penetration of the reinforced curtain with a knife is made strongly difficult; even if nevertheless one succeeds, the accumulating steel wires will block any movement of the knife

dynatex protector

Dynatex Tape Version ►

Reinforcement Bi-axial laid construction of galvanised steel wires
Weight 1 300 g/m2 (± 5%)
Width 125 cm (± 2 cm)
Installation Retrofitted using the self-adhesive layer
Order quantity Rolls of 27 lin.m. or 135 lin.m.
Warranty 2 years
DYNATEX reserves the right to modify dimensions, weights, compositions, characteristics and finishes without prior notice.

The PROTECTOR® TAPE version can easily be installed by any local curtain manufacturer on existent or new PVC side-curtains. With this material in stock, curtain manufacturers can rapidly and efficiently reinforce side-curtains for trailers to the highest level of security available today.


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Published: Thu 05 Nov 2020

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

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