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Longer Semi-Trailers

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Why Longer Semi-Trailers?

Longer Semi-Trailers (LST's) are up to 2.050m longer than a standard 13.6m trailer and can carry a greater capacity than its standard length counterparts.

You can carry up to an additional 8 UK Pallets on LST double decks and reduce your number of deliveries considerably.

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Don-Bur engineered their first 16m trailer in 1999 with an active rear steer system (SCM). Since the DfT announced the LST scheme in 2011 Don-Bur has manufactured hundreds of LST's in the UK.

  • Straight & Step-Frames
  • All Double Deck types
  • 14.6m & 15.650m Variants

15% Extra Capacity

With a potential 2.050m increase in trailer length, you could boost your load potential by up to 15% more than a standard 13.6m trailer. This not only cuts your delivery frequency, but also reduces your fleet's fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

15% Extra Capacity
14.6m Or 15.65m

Up to 8 Additional UK Pallets on Double Decks

With an increase in capacity of up to 15%, Don-Bur's LST's can provide operators with a further 4 UK pallets on a 15.65m single deck and 8 UK pallets on a 15.65m Double Deck. Additionally you can achieve a further 2 UK pallets on a 14.6m single deck and 4 UK pallets on a 14.6m Double deck.

This can potentially reduce your deliveries by up to 1 in every 6.5 trips.

Quick Guide To LST's

  • 15 year trial ending in 2027.
  • The trial permits 2800 trailers in the UK to have an increase in length of either 1 metre or 2.05 metres, equalling a total of 14.6 metres and 15.65 metres respectively.
  • Vehicles are still required to operate within the existing UK gross vehicle weight limit of 44 tonnes.
  • Operators commonly specify positive steer or self-tracking axles on LST's to enable compliance and practicality for the longer trailer lengths.

How To Apply

Guide To Longer Semi-Trailers
Teardrop Longer Semi-Trailer

Teardrop Bodywork

The patented aerodynamic Teardrop technology is a mature and well-tested method to save fuel.

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Typical Key Dimensions

14.6m & 15.650m long

3.3m - 4.95m high

2.55m wide


15.395m long (curtain sided)

15.495m long (box sided)

Up to 4.0m high

Weights & Capacities

30 UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm)

38 Euro Pallets (1200 x 800 mm)

44T Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (Vehicles of 6 axles)

Up to 60 UK pallets (76 Euro pallets) on double decks


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