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231017 allied bakeries double deck trailer

Don-Bur Makes High Volume Double Deck Trailer for Allied Bakeries


Don-Bur, renowned for its innovation in commercial vehicle bodywork manufacturing, announces a groundbreaking achievement in partnership with Allied Bakeries. Together, they have unveiled a new generation of high-volume box van double deck trailers designed to bring significant efficiencies to an industry reliant on HGVs as an essential component of their national distribution network.

A Partnership Forged in Excellence

Don-Bur and Allied Bakeries have been at the forefront of innovation in the commercial vehicle industry for over two decades. This enduring partnership has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, including the development of a hygienic “wash-out” trailer environment and a unique split internal and external tail-lift to cater for loading both decks from either bays or at store ground level.

Efficiency Meets Flexibility: Enough Space for 52 UK Pallets and Expected Carbon Reduction

These newly developed straight-frame tri-axle trailers represent the latest chapter in this partnership. With an overall height of 5 meters and a fifth wheel height of only 1.09 meters, these trailers boast internal heights exceeding 1.8 meters on both decks, allowing Allied Bakeries to optimize their transportation capabilities. The load footprint is equivalent to an impressive 52 UK pallets, showcasing a maximum capacity for this length of trailer.

Each high-volume double deck trailer will replace two single deck equivalents, almost halving the on-the-road carbon emissions for every delivery they make.

Striking Livery by Sapphire Graphics House

In addition to their remarkable design and functionality, these trailers feature a visually striking full coverage livery produced by Don-Bur's very own graphics house, "Sapphire." This livery not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the brand identity of Allied Bakeries on the road.

Sustainability and Durability

These trailers feature ribbed aluminium "Bakadek" planks on both decks, ensuring ease of maintenance and cleaning. The high-polish stainless steel rearframe and special chassis galvanization are also both key features that contribute to the longevity of the trailers and minimize their environmental impact.

Quotes from Key Figures

Keith Thomson, National Fleet Engineer at Allied Bakeries said, "The strength of our partnership with Don-Bur lies in our shared commitment to innovation and operational excellence. These latest trailers are testament to that commitment and we look forward to rolling them out across our fleet in the coming years, making our distribution more efficient while also contributing to our overall carbon reduction efforts."

Jon Davis, Key Account Manager at Don-Bur, added, "Working hand in hand with Allied Bakeries over the years has been a privilege. Manufacturing and delivering these trailers is the result of our collective dedication to understanding the demands of the operation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in commercial vehicle design."




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Published: Tue 17 Oct 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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