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EN 12642 XL

EN 12642 Under Review


BS EN 12642 : 2006, the European load containment standard including both "L" and "XL" levels is under review.

Currently drafted as CEN prEN12642, the aim of the revision is to "update the test methods as well as marking and certification of vehicle body structures that are able to take up a part of the forces to secure the cargo. Due to the particular cargo and the body type additional securing of cargo can become necessary and should be determined in the concrete case by the shipper, the operator or the driver."

When approved, the new document will supercede the 2006 version.

new EN 12642-XL decal stickerAfter careful inspection, the changes are welcomed by Don-Bur.  Of particular interest, the new proposed standard calls for both clearer trailer marking and requirements for both test reports and certification.

In terms of marking, external stickers should be located to the "forward part of the vehicle" and should now also include information about the maximum compliant test load and forces to front, side and rear walls.  On covered vehicles, an additional sticker needs to applied to the inside of the body.

The specific requirement for certification in a new Annex (C) is perhaps the most significant:

"After a vehicle body has been tested according to the test procedures described in this standard a test certificate shall be issued and signed by the person responsible for the tests. The certificate shall have a layout and contents as shown below and it shall be written in English."

Richard Owens, marketing manager at Don-Bur adds, "The proposed standard includes long-awaited revisions which offer greater clarity to manufacturer, operator and enforcement bodies alike.  As we are passionate about the safety of loads on vehicles, we are already taking steps to implement all of the new requirements before it comes into force."




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Published: Fri 10 Jun 2016

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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