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Roller Brake Test RBT

Mandatory laden brake testing will be enforced from 1 Jan 2023


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is today reminding vehicle operators that most goods vehicles and trailers will have to be appropriately laden for their annual test from 1 January 2023 onwards.

This is to ensure the vehicle’s braking performance can be properly tested.

As part of the annual test, DVSA carries out a roller brake test according to the ISO brake testing standard (21069). According to this, goods vehicles and trailers presented for test must be fully laden, with a few exceptions.

Any goods vehicles and trailers which are presented for test unladen, unless exempt, will be refused a test by DVSA. This will mean the vehicle operator will lose the test fee and will need to re-present the goods vehicle or trailer correctly laden and pay for a new test.

Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) should be able to assist operators if they’re unable to bring their goods vehicle or trailer to test properly laden.

Chris Dormand, DVSA’s Head of Vehicle Testing, said:

“DVSA’s priority is helping everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive.
“Laden brake testing ensures that brakes are tested under real world conditions.
“DVSA and the Traffic Commissioners have placed a far stronger emphasis on brake safety since the 2014 Bath tipper tragedy.
“Thanks to the support of the industry bodies, this is paying off. In 2014, 3.3% of heavy goods motor vehicles failed their annual test on service brake performance. In the last quarter of 2021, that had reduced to 1.88%.”

Further Information

Operators and ATFs can find more information on how to prepare for a brake test here:



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Published: Wed 15 Nov 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

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