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PeoplePanel® The Ultimate Flat Panel Side Guard Protection System


What is a PeoplePanel®?

The UK's no.1 flat panel side guard safety system

Specially developed followingresearch that shows fitting a smooth flat panel over side guard rails significantly reduces the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a collision


Benefits of PeoplePanels®

1.Increase visibility
2.Reduce accidents
3.FORS Recommended
4.Direct Vision Standard (2019) recognised
7.Extremely durable
8.Cost effective
9.Potential advertising space

Fully CustomisablePeoplePanel®

Made for you in:

• Any size
• Option to include customer branding at no extra charge

Recommended wording developed in conjunction with vulnerable road users groups, FORS approved.

The design and content of the PeoplePanelis copyrighted under UK legislation and is a registered trademark


PeoplePanel® For compliance

CLOCS / FORS / Direct vision standard.

All recommendcovering sideguards with flat panels and warning signage on both sides to further reduce the risk of underrun collisions

NOTE: Prominent side warning is compulsory under the Direct vision standard ‘HGV safety permit scheme’ due to ‘go-live’ in London 2019



Blind spot warning signs are compulsory for FORS members however when stickers get exposed to water, road salt, chemicals, sunlight and pressure washing, they soon start to look tatty and frequently peel off.

BlindSpotSign™is the innovative solution to this industry wide problem, they are heavy duty, UV fast, dirt repellent and waterproof. BlindSpotSign™ is the best option to keep vehicles compliant.


PeoplePanel® Testimonials

“A simple but innovative solution in a marketplace flooded with technology” –Lee Rowland: Dennis Eagle

“We have nothing but praise for James and the PeoplePanelsteam” -Joe Gossage: Mick George

“A potentially life saving device!” –Commercial Motor Magazine (2018)

“Cars give me more space on the open road because nothing else reminds drivers of the danger like a PeoplePanelat theireye level” –Driver: Day Aggregates

“They look fantastic and we’ve fitted our entire fleet” -Julian Minta: Enfield Council

“We’re fitting all trailers to enhance safety because its the right thing to do” –Paul Stocker: BP McKeefry

“All my vehicles are fitted before they even go out on the road” -AmrikPadda: Tarmac Franchisee

“A brilliant safety enhancement” –Stuart Pease: Finch Insurance

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Published: Wed 13 May 2020

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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