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Low Bridge Height 3.8m

Vue's Low Bridge Strike Alerting System (LBAS)


An innovative alerting system as your preventative solution for bridge strikes.

The Low Bridge Alerting System (LBAS) helps fleets tackle bridge strikes, significantly reducing the number of incidents that occur.

But what makes it different to other bridge strike solutions?

One of the main reasons it sets itself apart from other bridge avoidance products, is its lack of driver involvement. In fact, no driver input is needed at all.

All the information about the height of the vehicle or trailer is inputted during the installation of the hardware. This means that the solution is not subject to human error; distracted drivers, poor route planning, guessing of vehicle height etc.

As a driver travels to their destination, the technology identifies potential risks based on the direction the vehicle is travelling. If a bridge or other height restriction (i.e. railway wires) lower than the height of the vehicle is detected, an in-cab alert will be triggered to warn the driver.

The revolutionary algorithm reduces false positives and prevents excess alerting, and the remote configuration and adjustable setup means that the solution can be tailored to suit exact requirements.

The cost-effective solution is the first of its kind, and is suitable for rigids, tractors, and trailers.

Taking the driver out of the equation

Existing bridge alerting systems require driver input each time they start a journey, opening up the solution to human error and risk of a low bridge incident. Our system stores your trailer heights in our database during fitting, removing the need for drivers to input any information.

The system will alert drivers in-cab when they are at risk of hitting a low bridge during their journey using advanced routing technology. These alerts are stored on our VUEconnected platform for reporting and can be set up to send an email alert to specified email addresses.

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Published: Tue 18 Jul 2023

Updated: Tue 09 Jan 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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