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BPW Idem Telematics

BPW Idem Telematics


Telematics give a clearer view of your business

Fast, flexible and on time. This is what your customers expect from you as their transport and logistics provider. With idem telematics you can do exactly that.

This system enables logistics companies to offer maximum product safety and transport quality. The fully integrated system is designed to fit seamlessly into your operations.

Access to real-time data allows you to precisely control temperatures whilst monitoring vehicle reliability and the security of goods during transport. The data captured and the reports generated by the system give a valuable overview of your transport operations, allowing management to improve their fleet utilisation and efficiency through considerable fuel savings and lower insurance premiums.

From dispatching and scheduling to monitoring and invoicing, telematics will make your work-flow easier, clearer and more cost-effective. Using telematics systems enhances your levels of customer service and ability to win and maintain contracts: a big advantage for forwarders and haulage companies who operate in highly contested markets.

Precise position monitoring

• Monitoring of loading, unloading and stand time
• Alarm management for critical events
• Immediate proof of the complete reefer chain
• Load checks and monitoring for high security transport
• Monitoring of technical components for preventative maintenance

Cargofleet is the gateway to operational efficiency, vehicle control and fleet tracking.

Designed by BPW Group member, idem telematics, Cargofleet telematics systems give transport operators access to a far greater
level of data, to monitor and control their trailers like never before.

It’s far more than a simple track and trace system. From just one advanced source covering multiple functions, Cargofleet generates
a wealth of data allowing transport operators and drivers to keep an eye on the health of their trailers. The system provides many
operational benefits covering these key areas.


  • Electronic Braking Perfomance Monitoring System (EBPMS)
  • Location Tracking & Geo-Fencing
  • EBS Data Overview
  • Brake pad wear monitor
  • Fridge Temperature monitoring and control
  • Fridge fuel monitor
  • Tyre Pressure Montitoring System (TPMS)
  • Door sensor / Door Lock
  • Lamp / Markers / Lights monitor
  • Driver App
  • Tractor Information



Visibility Overview of your transport operation, allowing improved utilisation and efficiency.
Cost Reduction Resolution of unscheduled maintenance issues to reduce VOR time.
• EBS fault codes to enable repair and parts availability planning.
Efficiency Comprehensive operational data, such as asset location, status and availability.
• GPS location, EBS load, fridge fuel tank level and TPMS status etc. for ease of job planning.
Quality Comprehensive journey, loading and temperature data.
• Operational service quality through route tracking, temperature reporting and loading/unloading.
Security Door sensors and door locks to monitor door opening and unauthorised entry.
• High-value load monitoring/unauthorised entry alert.
Usability Comprehensive alarm function to pro-actively alert relevant personnel.
• Exception reporting of specific data or occurrence.


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Published: Fri 07 May 2021

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

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