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Don-Bur Launches New HD Website


don-bur 3d logoDon-Bur has just launched a completely new website, complying with all of the latest standards and offering some cutting-edge interactive 3D Models.

Based on the newest html5 language, the site is fully compatible across all desktops and mobile devices, ensuring that the interface adapts to suit any viewer.

As well as its full-screen HD layout, the site has some very clever technology which brings fully interactive 3D models to the screen.  In contrast to simpler video animations, the interactive models allow the viewer to move around the model as they please; zooming in on a tail-lift feature or simply viewing a loading operation from inside a loading bay.  Whatever the preference, the technology is sure to impress and gives viewers a unique insight into the Don-Bur product range and how they operate.

The menu too has been overhauled to offer quick access to all areas within a few simple clicks.  Richard Owens, Marketing Manager at Don-Bur says "People don't have as much time to browse websites any more.  Information needs to be delivered quickly and simply in an easy-to-understand way.  The new site was built completely on this simple idea."

Three advanced calculators have also been included:

These free, live calculators provide an invaluable reference to fleet engineers.

In addition to covering the full product range, Don-Bur also focusses on the features fitted to their bodywork.  Whether searching for panel types, flooring options or simply understanding the difference between a tuckaway and a restractable tail-lift, the new site offers comprehensive information to assist in the vehicle specification processes.

For the more 'techie' among us, there is a live RSS feed to the news section, allowing instant notification of the latest story.



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Published: Thu 27 Aug 2015

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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