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Don-Bur Newsletter April 2016


As expected, the first quarter of 2016 has been running at full capacity. There is certainly no evidence to support rumours of a slight economy slowdown and we look forward to another buoyant year.

For those relatively new to the industry, the first quarter for trailer manufacturers was always historically quiet compared to the last three quarters but as demand for us grew throughout the recession and into the recovery years, January has been just as busy as December. As orders now start to build, we encourage all purchasers to keep a wary eye on lead times.

This newsletter is designed to offer some condensed snippets of news which we hope you find interesting and easy to browse.

We would all like to wish you well and remind you that we're always here to help.

Best wishes

David Burton

Managing Director, Don-Bur (Bodies & Trailers) Ltd

Teardrops Join Jacksons Bakery Fleet

The latest customer to specify the fuel-saving Teardrop trailer design is Jacksons Bakery.

At a height of 4.350m (14'3"), the tandem axle 'Blade' panel trailers have been engineered with an impressive 2.25m (7'5") rear aperture which was critical to enable a seamless integration with the remainder of the fleet.

Internally, the bread carriers are specified with full-length galvanised steel plates recessed into the floor to provide superior protection against wear from dolly wheels.

Don-Bur To Attend The 2016 CV Show

All eyes are now starting to flicker towards the CV Show held again at the NEC 26-28th April and we will be posting updates on our website about the innovative exhibits we plan to display. We've already started a dedicated facebook event page to make it easy to find everything you want in one place. 

Where? Hall 5, stand 5A50, NEC Birmingham

When? 26-28th April 2016

Revolving Decks For Portola Packaging

Packaging often comes in all shapes and sizes and, to cater for the varying stillage sizes, Portola (part of the Silgan Group) have opted for a high cube trailer fitted with 4 revolving deck bays.

The 4.88m high straight-frame curtainsider has an internal cube of approximately 118m3 and can be rapidly converted to a double deck by flipping the deck floor from its vertical stowed position to a horizontal position. To add additional flexibility, some bays can be left open for large items whilst having the remainder as double deck bays to make more efficient use of the space.


Don-Bur HD Website Developments

Following the launch of our new website back in September of last year, we have had a phenomenal response to the updated design and content.

The most popular pages include details of EN 12642-XL and the animated 3D model pages, illustrating payload capacities and loading methods.

A couple of months later, we also introduced a huge 1,500+ online searchable parts catalogue which will help visitors quickly identify and order replacement items.

Most recently, we have added a live online chat helper system, which will allow anyone to chat with us in the dreaded event that their mobile has fallen down a drain.


Fuel Economy - Weight vs. Aerodynamics

We have recently published an article to illustrate the benefits of weight saving vs. aerodynamic add-ons.

This unbiased feature discusses the merits of both arguments for different types of operation and how you can judge what may be best for your business.

Create Your Own Trailer

Don-Bur has just launched Trailer Builder; a powerful on-line tool that allows you, with the aid of some simple drop-down menus, to create your own trailer drawing to your specifications.

The drawing re-calculates and re-draws automatically when you change anything which means you can 'play' with certain dimensions to achieve an optimum solution.

When you're happy with the result, you can either save the drawing or submit it for a quick-quote.

This feature is particularly useful when discussing options with clients by simply illustrating what can be achieved.

The tool can be found on our website at

New Lasercutters Open New Opportunities

With a £1 million investment in new bays and lasercutter in 2014 and a duplicate investment in 2015, the efficient new technology has opened new doors for Don-Bur.

Bringing all metal cutting in-house has not only improved quality and flow-line efficiency with the existing product lines, it has also enabled Don-Bur to become more competitive in the standard curtainsider marketplace.

Rory Turner, sales director at Don-Bur comments, "Don-Bur was always known for its quality of products but was not always considered to offer a 'budget' solution for standard, single deck curtainsiders. On the back of the lasercutter investment, we have already won two major contracts to manufacture 'general haulage' specification trailers.

Insulated Curtainsiders For Hireco And United Biscuits

Don-Bur has taken an order from Hireco for 80 Curtainsided trailers, which are to be used by United Biscuits in their UK operations.

The 4.5 metre high tri-axle biscuit carriers have been accredited with the EN 12642-XL load containment standard, which is now commonplace among UK transport trailers.

As the leading manufacturer and marketer of biscuits in the UK, United Biscuits worked very closely with the Don-Bur team to ensure the specification suited their operational requirements, indicating the need for a maximum overall height of 4.5 metres and a minimum rear aperture of 2.8m.

They also specified semi-insulated curtains, incorporating a non-insulated top section, approximately 600mm to allow for easier pull back of the curtains.

The 13.6 metre trailers will have 5 different liveries, ranging from Jacob's Crackers to their new McVities Digestive Nibbles range.

EN12642-XL Presentation To The DVSA

Under normal circumstances, operators and manufacturers alike will be well-advised to keep abreast of DVSA enforcement standards.

In an unusual twist, Don-Bur was asked to present their knowledge of EN 12642-XL and load restraint at a special event 8th-9th March to DVSA roadside enforcers.

Don-Bur is proud to be included in the EN 12642-XL steering committee with the DVSA, FTA and RHA and will continue to offer impartial advice to operators struggling to understand the role of XL as part of their load restraint obligations.

Three Cheers For Coach House

Don-Bur has recently completed the manufacture of a variety of step frame box van trailers for Coach House, the largest trade only supplier of furniture and gift ware in the UK.

Based in Lancashire, Coach House has opted for three different trailer lengths, ranging from 9.1 metres to a standard 13.6 metre. The new tandem axle trailers feature wall mounted full length hardwood tie rails used commonly in furniture transport operations. They also feature a 1500kg capacity tuck away type tail-lift with a 1415mm deep aluminium platform to make loading and unloading easier from the ground.

Coach House delivers all over the country and, as a result, are required to deliver to many rural areas. Therefore, an overall height limit of 4070mm was introduced to reduce the likelihood of tree damage.

Known as the 'gorilla carrier' internally at Don-Bur, referencing to the life size wildlife models included in their product range, the "Blade" panelled trailers' structure and internal cube were crucial to their operation. Selecting 265/70 R19.5" twin tyres to incorporate the step frame chassis design provided much greater rear and internal apertures; all in all, maximising internal cube.

Don-Bur Offers 24/7 Assistance Nationwide

Don-Bur is delighted to announce 'Don-Bur 24/7', which is a 24 hour assistance service offering transport operators rapid, on-site assistance, nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Don-Bur fully understands that transport operators are constantly under pressure to ensure their vehicles are on the road 24 hours a day and should a problem occur within their fleet, it is critical that a service agent is on site as soon as possible. Don-Bur 24/7 has been designed to provide transport operators peace of mind, knowing that immediate attention and support can be provided all year round.

With over 3000 specialist partners located all over the UK, it offers the complete package, including on-site servicing, repairs and trailer checks. As part of the service, Don-Bur have trained NTBS service agents covering over 50 different locations in the UK, with further locations expected to be covered in the foreseeable future. Incorporated within this training programme is an intensive specialist lifting deck programme covering all potential breakdown scenarios.

After undergoing an extensive 12-month trial period, and assisting over 700 breakdowns, Don-Bur are pleased to announce the Don-Bur 24/7 service is now available to all transport operators in the UK.

For more information please call Ken Ford at +44(0)1782 789 808.

Published: Tue 12 Apr 2016

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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