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Don-Bur: The Evolution of the 52 Pallet Wedge Double Decker


Don-Bur has just completed the design and manufacture of another large order of 52 UK pallet “Wedge” hydraulic Lifting Deck trailers; this time for a global parcel carrier.  The unique design, incorporating Don-Bur’s tried-and-tested single ram and pulley lifting mechanism, was engineered to suit all standard loading bays within the operator network without the need for additional dock equipment.

Wedge-shaped double deck trailers are nothing new.  Don-Bur built the first one in 2002 for the (then) operator Joint Retail Logistics in response to a request to provide 2 full lengths decks on a straight-frame design.  In itself, this was a simple request but the key factor was the need for generous head room on the bottom deck which drove the first-ever “Wedge” shape.  Since then, Don-Bur has completed 14 ‘Wedge’ contracts and the latest evolutionary step boasts a rear lower deck height of over 2 metres.

One of the hardest challenges was to achieve sufficient height on both decks to cater for standard cages or pallets along the entire trailer length.  Limited by a standard 1.25m high fifth wheel and a 4.92m overall height, Don-Bur had to slim down both the neck and 2nd deck thickness but maintain the structural strength required to support over 12 tonnes per deck.  Indeed, with a bit more creative thinking, it is possible to achieve a 1.911m (6’ 3 ¼”) minimum height in both top and bottom spaces.

Wedge Double Deck InternalIn 2010, Don-Bur designed the first 52 pallet moving deck trailer on a Mothercare contract; afforded in part by their unique 7.5mm thick “Blade” composite panel.  52 pallet Lifting Decks have since appeared on the Don-Bur stand at the CV show for the past 2 years and the same technology was utilised on this contract to provide 2.44m width on the top deck which is sufficient to get 26 pallets on each deck with ample ‘wiggle’ room.  In 2014, Don-Bur even produced a Longer Semi Trailer (LST) version with a gargantuan 60 pallet capacity.

The result of years of development is a trailer suited to any loading bay, is compatible with standard UK fifth wheel heights, has generous head room and no step to overcome when loading.

A 52 pallet ‘Wedge’ Lifting Deck trailer will take pride of place on the Don-Bur stand (5A50) at the CV Show this year at the NEC.


Further information about Wedge Double Decks is available on our dedicated webpage.

Published: Wed 15 Mar 2017

Updated: Fri 12 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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