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Don-Bur and RHA Launch Unique Load Restraint CPC Course


In an industry first, Don-Bur have teamed up with the Road Haulage Association to form an HGV load restraint CPC course designed uniquely by both the manufacturers and training providers to form the most comprehensive content.

Recently approved by JAUPT and entitled “Practical Safe Loading”, the half day practical and theory CPC course covers the majority of essential skills required for the safe loading of vehicles and addresses most common potential loading errors which can lead to shifted, lost or badly damaged goods.

Perhaps unusually for a trailer manufacturer, Don-Bur also develop and manufacture their own load restraint and load bearing curtain solutions.  As a result, their knowledge of regulations, best practice and practical application is arguably among the best in the industry and their website provides a rich and valuable resource for operators.  In recognition of this, Don-Bur sit on the Load Restraint Steering Committee alongside several industry experts steered by the HSE and DVSA.

Load restraint is a commonly misunderstood area but forms a critical part of the operators and consignors responsibility to comply with a number of legal obligations including, among others, the Road Traffic Act and Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations.

Typically, the first person under scrutiny from any roadside enforcement, is the driver.  Although the driver is not solely responsible for the safety of the payload, they are the last line of defence to ensure that the load is secure during transit and to minimise the chance of dangerous load collapse which could lead to risks whilst unloading.  A CPC course in safe loading practice not only forms part of the minimum driver CPC requirement, it may also minimise PG9 prohibitions and assist with operator compliance.  There’s no doubt that Transport Managers would also benefit from the content.

Richard Owens, marketing manager from Don-Bur comments “The RHA were the perfect partner to deliver a load restraint course.  We were very keen to share our knowledge and experience and, combined with the RHA’s expertise, the partnership-produced CPC was the ideal way to formalise training content in a way that was both comprehensive and easy to understand.”

David Cooper, training manager at the RHA adds “We welcomed the additional knowledge from Don-Bur.  The result of over 6 months of work is a highly valuable course with truly unique content and we are proud to add it to our online library.”



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Published: Mon 23 Sep 2019

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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