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EN 12642 XL

Don-Bur Release New Layman's Guide To EN 12642-XL


Don-Bur has just released a heavily condensed interpretation of the EN 12642-XL standard which promises to be easier to follow and quicker to absorb.

Since the original guide was issued in June 2011, consignors, operators and drivers have become more educated about the European load containment standard and have been asking more pressing questions about the mechanics of the standard and the surrounding documentation.

Richard Owens, Marketing Manager comments "Don-Bur introduced an initial website presence very early on.  Since then, Google has put the Don-Bur EN 12642-XL information top in their rankings and we are continually bombarded by further information requests from around Europe.  We felt it was time to publish an upgrade to the information which offers greater clarity in a simple to understand format."

Don-Bur's presence and contribution to the DVSA load restraint working committee has given them a unique insight into, not only the standard itself, but the industry interpretation of it.

The carefully constructed guide is completely unbiased but, perhaps surprisingly, offers no views on the suitability of EN 12642-XL or legal compliance.  When asked about the decision to opt out of DVSA compliance issues, Owens added "The EN 12642-XL document is a standard set in stone, but its suitability within any operation or its DVSA compliance may differ from one operation to the next.  This is why we have separated the factual standard from the comprehensive load restraint guidance set out by the DVSA.

Any individual responsible for compliance should obtain a copy of the full standard, but the guide is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of its merits.


The new guide can be download from the related links below.

Published: Fri 11 Sep 2015

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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