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2020 direct vision standards

Are You Ready For The Direct Vision Standards?


As many should now know, the Direct Vision Standards (DSV) will come into force on October 26th 2020, meaning that all HGV vehicles over 12T (GVW) running into Greater London will require a safety permit.

Although permit applications are free, it is suspected that many operators have not prepared for the new regulations and may get caught short when enforcement starts in October.

Any vehicle found to be in breach of the scheme will be issued a £550 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).  TfL will also have the ability to revoke or suspend a permit if a vehicle that has been granted a permit is later found to be in breach of the permit terms.

So what needs to be done?

After establishing if you are running applicable vehicles into Greater London, you firstly need to find out if they already have a direct vision star rating.  This can be done simply at

If the star rating is not available, then contact your vehicle manufacturer with the VIN number and they will advise of the star rating.  You can then let TfL know by contacting them at

Every vehicle must have a star rating from one to five.  If the vehicle is zero star, you will need to arrange to have some additional safety equipment fitted:

Zero Rating Modification Requirement Overview

  1. Class V mirror shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
  2. Class VI mirror shall be fitted tothe front of the vehicle
  3. Side under-run protection shall be fitted to both sides of the vehicle (except where this is impractical or proves to be impossible)
  4. External pictorial stickers and markings shall be displayed on vehicles to warn vulnerable road users of the hazards around the vehicle
  5. A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
  6. Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning shall be fitted to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left
  7. A fully operational camera monitoring system shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

Permit Application

Lastly, you need to apply for your permit at  If the vehicle needed some works to be compliant (zero star), you will need to submit some photos and await a review.  Ratings between one and five will be granted electronically.

Don-Bur Service can assist all operators looking to retro-fit safety equipment.  Please feel free to contact us.

The full TfL HGV safety permit guidance for operators entering London can be downloaded :

Published: Fri 01 May 2020

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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